Paul Bhatti

Paul Bhatti

April 18, 2011

Paul Bhatti, brother of the former Pakistani minister for minorities who was murdered by Islamic extremists, said he and his family forgive his brother's assassins.

Shahbaz Bhatti, who spoke out against Pakistan's anti-blasphemy laws and encouraged religious freedom, was killed March 2.

Speaking to reporters in Rome April 5, Paul Bhatti said his family has forgiven Shahbaz's assassins, "because our faith teaches us to do this.

Our brother Shahbaz was a Christian and the Christian faith tells us to forgive."

The brother told a conference sponsored by the Community of Sant'Egidio, "To obtain peace in the world we must all walk together . . . (peace) is a universal responsibility."

He said his brother never compromised his faith-motivated work for social justice.

Shahbaz Bhatti once said explicitly that he "left his life in the hands of Jesus."

"The person who killed him did not extinguish his light because we will continue his battle with strength and determination."