November 15, 2010

Pope Benedict said daily meditation on the life of Christ is a good way for people to grow spiritually and remove the “trash” from their consciences.

The pope, speaking at his weekly general audience Nov. 3, said a 13th-century French mystic, St. Marguerite d’Oingt, offered an example of such spiritual self-reflection to modern men and women.

The saint saw Christ as a “mirror” that allows light into one’s soul, the pope said.

“In this way she was transformed, and her conscience was enlightened and cleansed — and this is something we also need.

The words, the life and the light of Christ can illuminate what is good and true, and what is evil, too,” he said.

“There is trash not only in the various streets of the world, but also in our consciences, in our souls.

And only the light of the Lord cleans us and purifies us, showing us the right way.”