November 15, 2010

Sister Virginia Muller grew up rooting for the Dodgers at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, N.Y. Ministering in Baltimore, she has adopted the Orioles as her hometown heroes.

But ask who her favourite player is and the School Sister of Notre Dame turns to a Pittsburgh Pirate from another generation.

“Honus Wagner!” Sister Virginia exclaimed with a laugh.

Sister Virginia made the comments during a Nov. 5 news conference, announcing that a rare 100-year-old Honus Wagner baseball card bequeathed to the School Sisters of Notre Dame brought them $220,000 in an online auction that closed Nov. 4.

The card, graded authentic though in poor condition, was left to the sisters’ Atlantic-Midwest province by the brother of one of the congregation’s members.

The man died earlier this year and left everything to the congregation, including the card.

The card was discovered in a safe deposit box with a note that said: “Although damaged, this card will be exponentially valuable in the 21st century.”

Sister Virginia said when she opened the safe deposit box, she had no idea who Honus Wagner was.

“I did take myself to the Internet and to the library to quickly find out some things about Honus,” she said.