Pope Benedict XVI kneels in prayer Feb. 26 during his Lenten retreat.

March 12, 2012

When life feels like a dark and silent tunnel, faith gives a Christian light and music, Pope Benedict said at the end of his weeklong Lenten retreat.

Congolese Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya of Kinshasa led the pope’s retreat Feb. 26-March 3.

Thanking the cardinal at the end of the retreat, Pope Benedict said Monsengwo “seasoned these meditations with beautiful stories – taken mostly from your beloved African land – which gave us joy and helped us.”

The pope said he was particularly struck by the cardinal’s story about a friend of his who was in a coma and “had the impression of being in a dark tunnel, but at the end he saw a bit of light and heard beautiful music. This can be a parable of our lives,” the pope said.

“Often we find ourselves in a dark tunnel in the middle of the night, but through faith we see a light at the end and hear beautiful music, perceiving the beauty of God.”