November 7, 2011

Although Mass attendance continues to decline among American Catholics, loyalty to Catholic identification remains strong, according to the results of a new survey commissioned by National Catholic Reporter newspaper.

Mass attendance by "pre-Vatican II" Catholics, born in 1940 or before, slipped to 54 per cent, down 10 percentage points from the high recorded in the 1999 survey, but it still topped all age groups.

The rate for "Vatican II" Catholics, those born 1941-60, is 31 per cent; for "post-Vatican II" Catholics born 1961-78, 29 per cent; and for "millennial" Catholics born since 1979, 23 per cent.

Still, healthy majorities in all age groups agreed with the statement, "I cannot imagine being anything but a Catholic."

But no majority in any age group agreed with the statement, "Church is among the most important influences on my life."