Fr. John Corapi

Fr. John Corapi

July 4, 2011

Father John Corapi, a well-known speaker and former EWTN-TV host, declared June 17 he is leaving the priesthood.

Corapi said he could not get a "fair hearing" on misconduct allegations lodged against him in March and which included what he said were sexual abuse charges.

The announcement took the forms of a YouTube video and a blog posting on his website,

Corapi had been suspended from priestly ministry by his religious order shortly after the allegations surfaced.

EWTN also pulled his TV program in March, saying it would not knowingly put a priest on the air whose priestly faculties had been suspended.

The National Catholic Register reported that a complicating factor in the case was a breach-of-contract lawsuit filed by Corapi against his presumed accuser, forbidding her to reveal details of her tenure at the company owned by the priest that sells his CDs, DVDs and books.

Corapi's Facebook page was filled with posts reacting to his announcement, with many supporting him and denouncing the allegations and the Church.