October 18, 2010
Archbishop Richard Smith commends Covenant Health for its achievements.


Archbishop Richard Smith commends Covenant Health for its achievements.


EDMONTON – Covenant Health bears witness to the words God spoke to Abraham &8211; "I will be there for you," says the archbishop of Edmonton.

God's covenant of love calls us to live lives of justice, mercy, tenderness and compassion, Archbishop Richard Smith said at the annual meeting of Covenant Health Oct. 5.

"Those who work under the title of covenant love are called in their concrete circumstances to be just and attentive to the weak, the vulnerable and the marginalized."

In his promise to Abraham and his people, God said, "Come to me and regardless of your circumstances you will be safe; you will be cared for and you will know by my love for you that you count, that you matter, that we notice you, that we love you," Smith said.

The archbishop recalled the sisters who launched the Alberta health care system, welcomed the poor and vulnerable by saying, "We will be there for you. Come to us, feel safe, we will care for you and we will provide for you out of our covenant promise."

"We are carrying that forward today. So those of us in Covenant Health are called to be attentive to the vulnerable and the marginalized."

In addition to caring for the sick, Covenant Health employees are also to be attentive to the vulnerability and the needs around them that are not so evident, the archbishop stressed.

"We need to be attentive to one another - those of us who may not be sick, those of us who enjoy good health, but that doesn't mean that we are not vulnerable.

Smith said he is proud of Covenant Health and what the organization has achieved in a short time.

"I have seen your deep commitment and determination to carry forward what the sisters first brought to this province so long ago. It's a beautiful gift that we bring to the people of this province."