June 13, 2016

PORT COQUITLAM - Practice and repetition are the keys to sonship with the Father, said Jake Khym.

"It's okay and necessary with sonship to go back regularly to the Father for mercy," Khym said. "He is quick to forgive and, boy, do we need it."

Khym presented a half-day session for Catholic men on True Sonship-Receiving God as the Father May 7.

Khym's relationship with the Father improved through seeking the Lord's forgiveness.

After struggling with an addiction to pornography, he sought God's mercy.

"In my journey out of addiction, confession was the centrepiece of the conversion process," Khym said. "I went to the same priest hundreds and hundreds of times, and he gave me this glimmer of the Father's mercy.

"He was never upset with me, he was never mad at me, even though I confessed the same things, sometimes twice a day!"