March 7, 2016

EDMONTON - Holds Worth Design is working with the Edmonton Archdiocese on an online campaign to promote the dignity and value of every human life.

The campaign, known as Every Life Matters, has a website ( aimed at providing vulnerable people at risk of self-harm and suicide with encouragement and hope.

The goal, said Brian Holdsworth of Holds Worth Design, is not one of lobbying government to make laws that respect life, but rather to convert the culture by telling stories of people who have found hope by overcoming adversity.

The website is focused around a four-minute video of Lisa Daniels' discovery of hope amidst a string of adverse incidents in her life. It then encourages others to share videos of their stories. The website also allows visitors to share the videos through social media.

Holdsworth said the hope is that the campaign and related videos are circulated widely, and that it affects personal decisions people make about assisted suicide.

The best possible scenario, he said, is that even if a legal right to assisted suicide exists, no one will take advantage of it.

"The best that we can do at this time is to engage the culture and be evangelistic," he said.