Some of the 700 participants in the Shalom Festival join in the singing (left) that was led by the music ministry All4Him (right) at Edmonton's St. Theresa Church.

June 15, 2015

As a Catholic charismatic media ministry, Shalom Media aims to use all modern means of mass communication to bring the Gospel to the ends of the world.

"Shalom is responding to the call of new evangelization by bringing the true beauty of life in Christ in three ways – TV (programs), print media and Shalom festivals across the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe," said evangelist Jenson Joseph.

This is necessary because "it's becoming more and more difficult to talk about the real truth about family, about life and about marriage (in the secular media)."

Evangelist Jenson Joseph says Shalom Media strives to promote the truth about family, marriage and human dignity.


Evangelist Jenson Joseph says Shalom Media strives to promote the truth about family, marriage and human dignity.

Joseph, a young evangelist from Michigan, spoke to about 700 people attending Edmonton's first Shalom Festival at St. Theresa Church May 30.

The Catholic Church almost has to beg the secular media to give it some time or space to bring people its message, he said. When the secular media prints or airs something, it is always edited so the true message is lost.

"There is a great pressure to conform to the standards of the world."

Shalom started in 1989 when a group of young people experienced a call to evangelize the world. The Lord told them to evangelize through the media.

Why the media? "Because today the media is the most powerful evangelization tool," Joseph said. "It is able to connect people from all parts of the world."

All festival participants received a copy of Shalom Tidings, a bi-monthly Catholic magazine the organization produces. As well, a production unit of Shalom's TV channel is based in Edmonton.

In his talk, Joseph said the secular media is "trying to influence the mind and heart of each person with all their lies and falsehoods.

"So the media is very powerful and we have to take control. We have to influence the mind and heart of every person and bring the truth and beauty and goodness of life in Christ to each and every person."


Shalom Media does not compromise the teaching of the Church and connects all the ministries of the Church with the common person in the street, Joseph said.

"This is a platform for ministers to bring their message. We are not going to restrict our channel to a few people or a few ministers. This is a platform for all the ministers in the Catholic Church, even common people to bring their witness before the world."

Joseph said the secular world is lying about the family, marriage and human dignity.

Shalom is trying to develop programs that will provide the truth about those questions, he said. "For every lie that the secular world tells us, Shalom is going to answer with a program that tells the truth. That's how we are going to push back all these negative things that are coming to us.

"We are going to expose people to the tradition of the Church, the life of the saints, the history of the Church and the sacraments so the people will say Catholic spirituality is really something good."