Ed and Mary Kieftenbeld say they are delighted with their marriage of 25 years.


Ed and Mary Kieftenbeld say they are delighted with their marriage of 25 years.

February 23, 2015

ST. ALBERT – Divorce statistics aside, Christians still see marriage as a tremendous gift in their lives.

Ed and Mary Kieftenbeld from Riviere Qui Barre, one of several couples marking World Marriage Day Feb. 8, said they are delighted with their marriage. They have been married for 25 years and have four children.

According to Mary, marriage is two imperfect people making a choice to never give up.

"What's so good about it is that you commit your life to someone who has your back," she said. "I hopefully bring out the best in my husband and hopefully he brings out the best in me."

Ed likes marriage because it unites two people with the same values and provides companionship. "You are not alone and you have somebody that will be there until you move on to another world."

His marriage to Mary has been a good one, he said, with ups and downs and lots of support.

Mary said their faith helps their marriage. "We cannot do this alone. On our own we might want to quit. But with God's help you are able to push through the trials and get to the other side even stronger."

Often couples feel like they are alone and stop fighting for their marriages. "I feel like people give up too easily now," said Mary.

Adam and Melanie Evoy from St. Albert see marriage as God's gift.

"It's an absolute gift from God, and it is so fantastic to have a companion in your journey in life," Melanie said.

"Marriage doesn't come easy; you have to work at it," Adam said. "It's not something you just give up on and then try and find somebody else."

To keep their marriage of nine years strong, they pray together as a couple and attend Mass on weekends, he said.

Melanie said marriage would be more valued if people respected their spouses more. People should never make jokes about their marriages or tell private matters about their spouses to other people.

Doug and Faith Paul from St. Charles Parish have been married for 40 years and have six children, 14 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

The couple thinks marriage is awesome because "it gives you someone to share your life with and achieve your goals in life."

However, people no longer understand its value, lamented Faith. "We should educate schoolchildren on the value of marriage."