September 30, 2013

REGINA – Regina Archbishop Daniel Bohan believes grandparents make good evangelists when it comes to their grandchildren.

In an online video recorded Sept. 10, Bohan described how his extended family - grandparents, aunts and uncles - influenced his faith development.

He particularly remembered the visit of an aunt who played a piece on the piano that remains with him to this day. "I was completely captivated and that moment was the beginning of a whole lifetime of loving music."

The archbishop also described the deep faith of his maternal and paternal grandparents. "My time with them, when I was three or four years old, set a pattern of being a Catholic which has also lasted a lifetime."

His aunts and uncles, too, showed him love and faith. "They all influenced me and gave me something wonderful that my parents deepened and developed in me over the years."

Bohan used his experience as an example of how grandparents can influence their young grandchildren.

"Your grandchildren may not go to Mass very much but when they visit you, they probably go to Mass with you," he said. They like to be with you. It's special.

"Mass is boring for children if they don't do anything and if all they can see are the backsides of adults ahead of them," and with that he gave several suggestions how grandparents can help make Mass more interesting for their grandchildren.


On the way to Mass, he said, ask what they would like to thank God for. "You could tell them, for example, that you are going to say 'thank you' to God because they are visiting with you and you love them."

Sit someplace where they can see what's going on, he suggested, and when the priest says, "Let us pray," tell the grandchildren that this is where they can say something to God.

"You show this little child how to live the Mass. That's a gift for their whole life."

Bohan's talk addressed to the archdiocesan faithful is about 8.5 minutes long and can be seen on the archdiocesan website,