November 5, 2012
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Pope Benedict XVI has declared 2012-2013 to be the Year of Faith.

On this 2012 Catholic Education Sunday we embrace this grace-filled initiative as an opportunity to be renewed in faith and sent forth in joy to evangelize our school communities with the truth and beauty of the Gospel.

Our Catholic schools offer a daily opportunity for staff and students to encounter Jesus Christ and respond to him with faith.

This response is an assent of both the heart and mind to the person and message of our Lord, and gives rise to a real and abiding hope. Fostering this personal and life-giving relationship with Christ is the heart of Catholic education.


The love of Christ impels us to share our joy with others. To Catholic trustees, administrators and, especially, teachers, has been entrusted the particular responsibility of evangelizing our students.

This means walking with our students on their journey of faith, and encouraging them at all times to turn to the Lord, especially as he is present in the celebration of the Eucharist.

Indispensable is our own witness. Our students must recognize from the way we live that we ourselves have come to know and believe in Jesus Christ.

Since faith must be the air we breathe in our Catholic schools, let us enter into the Year of Faith with enthusiasm.

May our hearts be open to a new conversion to Christ. May our minds be ready to receive his teachings as handed on in the Church.

May our schools thus become communities of living faith, in which Jesus Christ, the world's only hope, is encountered, loved and followed.