Robert Canton says if the devil is after you, pray, attend Mass regularly and sprinkle your house with holy water.


Robert Canton says if the devil is after you, pray, attend Mass regularly and sprinkle your house with holy water.

October 1, 2012

If you have been cursed by someone or think the "evil one" is after you, pray, attend Mass regularly and spray your house with holy water.

"Prayer works; prayer is power," Robert Canton said as he spoke to about 280 charismatic Catholics Sept. 22. "Pray until something happens."

Canton also urged his audience to be people of worship in order to keep Satan away. "If you are a praising person you become pleasing to God" and, thus, "the evil one will not be able to stand you," he said.

Canton, a Stockton, Calif., charismatic leader with the gift of healing, spoke at the Spiritual Warfare Conference at Holy Trinity Church in Spruce Grove Sept. 21-22.

He gave five talks, including Who is Our Enemy and How to Keep and Maintain Victory Over the Enemy.


Through prayers and commands he helped cure some people of minor ailments, from migraines and joint pains to panic attacks.

A man from High River claimed to have been cured of a stiff middle finger. "Look, it's still hot," the man told the WCR during a break. The man, who didn't want his name used, said he couldn't move his middle finger before Canton's intervention.

A woman known as Cory claimed she was cured of fibromyalgia last year, two months after attending a charismatic workshop featuring Canton.


"It's actually the Lord that heals you," she said. Fibromyalgia is a medically unexplained syndrome characterized by chronic widespread pain, debilitating fatigue, sleep disturbance and joint stiffness.

The Philippines-born Canton has been involved in charismatic healing ministries since he was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1984 and received a prophecy from the Lord.

He is the founder of the Robert Canton Ministries, a non-profit organization whose aim is to evangelize the entire world through teaching, preaching and healing in the name of Jesus.

Over the years he has spoken at regional, national and international conferences, and has conducted retreats, seminars, days of renewal, healing rallies and crusades on five continents.

Satan's goal, he said, is to inflict eternal death on the human soul and so he attacks God's people in various ways, including deceit, trickery and lies.

"Satan comes to kill, to steal and to destroy but I have come to give you life, life in abundance," he quoted Jesus as saying in John 10.10.

The evil one, according to the preacher, attacks a person's mind because he knows that "whoever controls a person's mind controls that person."


"He also attacks a person's heart and conscience to diminish the person's self-worth and dignity as a precious creature of God."

Canton said the enemy targets the will because he knows that once he controls the person's will, it becomes easy for him to separate that person from God.

Satan, the author of suffering, sickness and death, also attacks a person's body because it is made in the image and likeness of God.

To fend off Satan's attacks we must have Jesus at the centre of our lives and do whatever the Lord tells us, Canton said.

He also recommended his audience read the Word of God often and memorize verses of the Bible. "We have to become saturated with the Word of God."

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