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June 18, 2012

The WCR and the Edmonton Archdiocese have decided to suspend publication of the annual Alberta Catholic Directory for one year pending a full study of its costs and benefits, user needs and alternative methods of delivery.

The WCR and its predecessor, the Western Catholic, have published the directory of Catholic services, organizations and personnel in Alberta for the past 92 years.

The review of the Alberta Catholic Directory is part of a "revisioning" of the role and administration of the Western Catholic Reporter, which aims to have the newspaper focus on its core function of publishing a weekly newspaper and website.

The revisioning also includes the integration of some WCR administrative functions into the administration of the archdiocese as well as a larger role for the newspaper's board of directors.

The WCR currently publishes 1,000 copies of the Alberta Catholic Directory, down from the 1,200 published annually less than a decade ago.

The review of the directory's usefulness will examine whether a regularly updated online directory would better meet the needs of those who use the Alberta Catholic Directory, mainly those employed by the Church and Church organizations.

Part of the review is a brief readership survey. The survey can be completed by using the form on Page 8 of the current issue of the WCR or by following the link at www.wcr.ab.ca.