Archbishop Daniel Bohan

Archbishop Daniel Bohan

June 4, 2012

MOOSE JAW, SASK. - Regina Archbishop Daniel Bohan says he never says no to God even when it is not easy.

In a May 8 visit to Ecole St. Margaret School, Bohan said as archbishop he was like a boss of bishops, "like the pope but not as important."

He later said that he was not really like a boss but more like a father or a brother. He said his favourite thing is "God loves me for who I am."

The archbishop said his best word for Catholic is family. "We all belong to a family of God's children. We are all part of a family of 115,000 (Catholics in the Regina Archdiocese) and you are all in my family."

Bohan addressed the 250-student body at the elementary French immersion school and spoke again in a classroom with about a dozen students.

The questions from the students in the classroom were more personal.

The archbishop was asked how often he prayed. "I say the prayer of the Church in the morning and in the afternoon and I try to spend some time with Jesus."

He said he really didn't know why he was chosen as bishop and archbishop, but he described the process as one that begins with the bishops.


"They present names of priests and from that list eventually three names are presented to the pope and he makes the choice."

"I always wanted to be a priest," he said, "God puts something inside us."

Bohan replied no when asked if he regretted his choice. "Everybody has tough days," he said, "but I have never said 'I don't want to do this.' "