April 9, 2012

TORONTO – Mother Mary has gone mobile in the form of an app on iTunes.

To coincide with the release of the Vision TV documentary Our Lady, Tell Tale Productions has released an iMary app that locates all 83 Marian shrines across Canada.

"These two productions kind of evolved together as sister productions," said Edward Peill, president of Tell Tale Productions.

"There are a number of apps for the rosary and there are a number of apps available for devotions and there are probably a number of apps for the calendar. We decided to combine all of these into one package so you wouldn't need three or four apps."

Selling for $4.99, the iMary app provides an interactive map, which has a "near me" function, to direct users to Marian shrines.

"We started kicking around ideas of what will complement the film and what doesn't exist already," he said. "We found that there wasn't one full list of shrines in Canada. It just didn't exist anywhere, not in a data base, not in a book. At least, not that we could turn up."

Giving life to the app, the makers used images of stained glass from Halifax's Saint Mary's Cathedral Basilica and St. Patrick's Church. In addition, several Canadians were commissioned to compose original artwork.

"We really wanted this to be an elegant app," said Peill who's team spent more than a year developing the product.


Now that the app is available, Peill is asking users to contribute photos of shrines to the iMary Facebook group. Select photos will be added to the app.

"When people go and visit the shrines near them, and if we don't have a photo - because getting a photo from every single one was more than we could do, that's a huge undertaking – what we're hoping is that people will send us photos and then we'll update."

While the app is limited to iPhone users, an Android version compatible with Blackberry is expected for the summer.