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October 31, 2011

TORONTO – More than two years in the making, Canada has a new magazine that intends to inject the voice of faith into public debates.

Convivium published its preview issue Oct. 18 with limited distribution in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa.

Convivium publisher Peter Stockland hopes to engage religious-minded Canadians in public debates about the moral and cultural issues of our times.

"We want the magazine to appeal to anyone who would agree that it is proper and interesting to have people of faith active in the citizens' square," Stockland said.

Father Raymond de Souza is the editor of the magazine. It is being published through the Cardus Centre for Cultural Renewal, a Canadian religious think tank.

Convivium is the Latin word for living together.


Convivium magazine's goal is to foster community by engaging educated readers who share an interest in religion, politics and culture in a public dialogue that, Stockland says, is not currently happening in Canada.

Starting in February, the magazine will be published six times annually.

For the launch issue, de Souza debuts with an article about the "incarnate message" of Marshall McLuhan and the politics of Jack Layton's death. The issue also features an essay by Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast on the new missal and a piece by former NDP MP Bill Blaikie on the social gospel roots of the NDP.

Stockland said the magazine has been launched with the help of some "generous people" who believe in the project.

People can receive the magazine by buying Convivium memberships at $50 annually. Members who join this community will receive six magazines per year plus have exclusive access to members-only benefits that could include things like lectures and seminars.

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