Linda Gibbons is seen here with her grandson Marshall.


Linda Gibbons is seen here with her grandson Marshall.

July 11, 2011

TORONTO — Long-time pro-life activist Linda Gibbons is indignant that pro-lifers' freedom of expression is been curtailed while supporters of the terrorist Tamil Tigers can demonstrate freely.

In a talk at the two-day Toronto Pro-Life Forum in late June, Gibbons said Canada's lack of abortion laws is "promoting crimes against humanity."

Gibbons has been arrested 20 times and imprisoned for 10 of the past 17 years for protesting outside downtown Toronto abortion clinics.

A 1994 Ontario Supreme Court injunction bars pro-life activists from picketing, sidewalk counselling and interfering with access to abortion services or the "economic interests" of abortion clinics, she said.

"In a free society, freedom of speech is a critical element. Why are we arrested for words when acts of murder are committed there?"

Gibbons was recently released from prison after a judge granted her lawyer's application requesting that she be released without conditions.

The Supreme Court of Canada will hear Gibbons' case in December challenging the Crown's use of the criminal courts to prosecute Gibbons for violating the temporary injunction.


Gibbons expressed indignation at the police's lack of response during the 2009 Tamil protests which drew thousands to Toronto's downtown, while she sat in jail for her actions.

Some protesters even flew the flag of the Tamil Tigers, which is classified as a terrorist group by the Canadian government. No protesters were arrested.

Gibbons said she was in prison while she watched the Toronto police chief tell the media that police were respecting people's "right to protest."