Paula Peroni

Paula Peroni

June 20, 2011

REGINA — Catholic education across Canada is healthy and well, says Canadian Catholic School Trustees Association national president Paula Peroni.

Peroni made the comment during an interview during the annual convention of the association held June 2-4 at the Hotel Saskatchewan.

"I don't think that in any particular province right now there is any grave concern about losing Catholic education," she said. "Catholic education continues to be a success story across Canada."

Peroni said Catholic schools are even doing well in the Atlantic region, though it is not publicly funded there.

Peroni said the large percentage of Catholic children who do not regularly attend Mass continues to be a challenge.

"That is something we work with through the parishes."


Parishes have to be more welcoming to parents and children, understanding that parents have many commitments and can't always get to Mass every Sunday, she said.

In a homily at the closing Mass, Regina Archbishop Daniel Bohan said people express concern to him about their children not going to Mass, grandchildren not being baptized and Catholic education of children in Catholic schools.

"At times there seems to be little harvest for God in our families and in our parishes."

However, he quoted Jesus' words that we are not to worry when we don't know how everything is going to turn out. It is God's Church filled with God's Spirit, "so we must trust in God's plan and try hard simply to do what God asks us to do."

What God asks us to do is to testify on his behalf. "We can do that. We may not be able to immediately change the way other people live, but we can be witnesses nonetheless."

The power to do that, he said, was received through Baptism and Confirmation. "We do not lack the power to do what Jesus asks us to do."