May 30, 2016

My young sons come running for me after each visit to town and the local credit union. "Daddy, blow up my balloon!" I know, after a great deal of practice, the toughest part of filling the balloon with air is the initial push.

This is similar to filling our culture with the truth of the Gospel. The initial push takes great self-sacrifice and suffering.

Once the truth has permeated the culture - and the resulting freedoms accepted - each generation must continue living out their faith-filled lives or risk great losses.

Our generation has been lulled into thinking there is no truth. We are presently witnessing the losses of our precious freedoms.

The horrors of birth control and abortion have ripped and torn the hearts and souls of our families, and now evil's global onslaught - the redefining of the social institution of marriage, the promotion of assisted suicide and euthanasia, and the caste of transgendering - is upon us.

What can one do in the face of so much evil?

We are not alone. Simply stand firm in the faith responding to each assault with a diamond of wisdom - the common good - from our Mother the Church by asking "who benefits from this?"

Who benefits from artificial birth control? Abortion? Redefining the social institution of marriage? Assisted suicide? Euthanasia? The promotion of transgendering?

Is it the woman? The man? The child in the womb? The family? The mentally ill? The elderly? The community? No, those with the most to lose have been excluded from all good.

Accepting the common good as the sane method of social analysis, using it in our homes and sharing it with others will build a solidarity based on the dignity of every person.

Then the Lord will grace our nation and restore his goodness and love.

Tim Axe