May 16, 2016

Who can judge my quality of life? Here I am; aging, relatively healthy but having faced the fragility of my life through illness. What is to become of me if the lines of communication with society are severed?

Who has a right to judge?

If I lose my sight, hearing and ability to speak, I am still me. If I then lose my ability to taste, smell and feel, I am still me. I am still here.

To many, I am now a suffering soul trapped in a body that has become totally dependent on others for the necessities of life. I have become a burden on my family and on society. Should I be therefore murdered?

I am still here.

You decide that I must be suffering at least mentally. After all, no one would want to be like me. I would not want to be in such condition either. But, if the circumstance should arrive, I will accept it as God's will.

You see, life is precious, and what is its span in all of eternity?

Society teaches us to plan for our old age so we do not burden our family. Is love a burden? Many good families care for their infirm members with great love, not considering the burden.

What seems to be overlooked is what is going on with me that you cannot see. You picture yourself suffering and think I too would wish to die, but you do not know my desire.

In my condition, I have a great privilege. I can communicate with God and he with me. I can do his will with every beat of my heart. I can make prayer of reparation for myself, my family and society. I can intercede for you, and God will do miracles for you.

Don't kill me thinking that it is merciful. Even if I have much pain, it will bring grace to you. My suffering in this way will be my last short time on this earth to share in the love of the redemptive passion of Jesus.

Please do not rob me of my last offering to my love, my Lord. Please let God be the judge.

Bill Lavelle
Alberta Beach