March 7, 2016

Re. "Lavoie shares story of boiling anger against his father" (WCR, Feb. 8).

A harsh title for what is truly a love story as one reads to the end. Having worked in grief counselling for many years, this is a common thread that runs through many "father/son" and "mother/daughter" relationships.

The hard part of so many of their stories is that there was not an opportunity to reconcile before death and so the pain intensifies later on in their grief. Bravo to the archbishop for sharing the honest, human struggle of his father/son relationship.

Hopefully, his example of courage to speak to "the elephant in the room" will inspire others to trust God's call to mercy in this holy year.

I have read Walk a New Path. It is a great guide to use to start one's own journey into reconciliation with a loved one.

Helen Gledhow