February 8, 2016

It is time to take a stand and speak up for our children. It's time for us to pay attention to what has happened to us in the past 60 years.

First, they came for our unborn. Birth control became socially acceptable, abortions were legalized and two generations of children were never born.

Then they came for our mothers and fathers: Premarital sex and extra-marital sex became socially acceptable, no-fault divorce was legalized and families disintegrated. Many children had no blueprint for the traditional family unit.

Then they came for our sick, infirm and elderly: Assisted suicide became somewhat socially acceptable and euthanasia is now both legalized and encouraged in some locations.

Who are "they" you ask? "They" are those that have decided that societal norms, moral laws and faith-based morality are restrictive and repressive.

"They" are those that elevate self to the highest authority, abdicating personal responsibility in favour of having personal wants met, unfortunately without regard to consequence or wants of others. It is the legacy of the "me generation" in its worst form.

Now they are coming for our children, through Alberta Education guidelines, which appear to be mandatory if schools are to retain their accreditation and funding.

Why is Alberta Education taking this stand on gender issues? Where is the support and tolerance for those who have chosen not to follow the path where everything is permissible; for girls that don't want boys in their washrooms; for parents who want their children to grow into their bodies and sexuality without the influence of those who stand against their values?

This is a giant step forward into the destruction of our society. I know the Catholic Church welcomes and values every person, and there are other ways to address these issues. It's time to speak up.

Sharon Laton
St. Albert