September 28, 2015

The horror of slashing an unborn child to death with the goal of harvesting human tissue and organs is an act that could only have been conceived in hell.

Yet, the public outcry to the Planned Parenthood scandal of selling pieces of the aborted child has been nominal at best. Instead, we hear the dead silence of apathy.

The culture of death is so deeply woven into the fabric of our consciousness that addressing this issue will take so much more than simply introducing a bill or electing a specific party or candidate.

We must introduce an entirely new way of thinking about the abortion "trade," about taking the lives of unborn children, about an industry where livelihoods are kept through the putting to death of preborn and infant children and the selling of their organs.

The flesh, blood and organs of our unborn children are literally being used as the fuel for building economic wealth in much the same way as fast food restaurants sell hamburgers.

We recoil at the evil of child pornography and yet putting that same child's younger sibling to death through mutilation is an accepted norm.

We are being driven globally by a thousand forms of fear. When we learn to address these fears - determinedly walking through each - our compassion will return and then the butchering of our unborn children and resale of their tissues will return to its proper perspective - an unbelievably horrific insane act of hate.

Tim Axe