June 29, 2015

As many of the media have had articles on the residential schools, all very negative, I thought I might write and ask for an article. I'm sure you could write on some aspect of the good things which must have happened in the schools.

Surely not all 30 plus schools had nothing but cruel nuns and priests, beating children, assaulting children, starving children and so on. There had to be some goodness in at least a few of the schools.

I agree that some aspects of those schools were bad, some created by the times. I also must agree that there were some cruel people in charge, but surely not in all the schools.

The term "cultural genocide" would seem to be a strange term to apply to these schools, but, if proper, I would suggest should be applied to our schools in Canada today.

From Grade 3 onwards, sexual teachings would seem to destroy all the culture of the past generations within the child. These teachings that would not be allowed on TV, even as bad as TV is in that area.

All the Church tries to do will be destroyed, as parents seem to forego their duty. What we are doing today to our children is far worse. It forces children into a hedonistic society without honest, true reality of life.

George Mealey