June 29, 2015

Sodhi Pillay, whose son is a Grade 6 student at St. Mary Catholic School, says $4,700 for a party for 11-year-olds passing into Grade 7 is not in keeping with a Catholic school's values.

Kudos to Sodhi! She is not the only mother or parent who thinks this is ridiculous. Apart from the values of our Catholic faith, these kids have not achieved anything that should make them feel entitled yet.

They should feel grateful for their education and proud that they have worked hard enough to pass from Grade 6.

The idea of Grade 8 or 9 students having expensive parties and buying prom dresses is equally stupid. Teachers run the schools and can put a stop to it.

If parents want to do this privately in their homes, then it is their privilege to waste money and give their children false feelings of entitlement. Grade 12, if you pass, is the time to celebrate and say "a job well done."

What do you think Pope Francis would say about this? Give them hot dogs, a cake and say good luck in Grade 7 and give the money you raised to someone who really needs it.

Bertha McLaughlin
Sherwood Park