Month Date, 2015

Re: "Called to Protect should be optional" (WCR letters, March 23).

Why does the archdiocese want to ensure that our parishes and ministries offer safe environments to all?

Creating safe environments and preventing abuse in our communities is our responsibility as disciples of Christ.

We have a moral, ethical, spiritual and legal obligation to safeguard all those we encounter and to whom we minister, especially the vulnerable.

We also have an obligation to keep ourselves safe as we serve in ministry.

The archdiocese has created a comprehensive policy on abuse. Archbishop Richard Smith has called upon all of us to take active measures to prevent abuse of any kind in our parishes and communities.

In order to effectively and responsibly serve our neighbour, it is necessary to know what is appropriate while interacting with each other.

As a part of the training, Called to Protect offers the tools to mitigate risks of abuse and create a safe environment.

The information provided in video and print forms is transferrable to any situation involving vulnerable persons and therefore will benefit anyone who attends the training.

If you have not yet had an opportunity to attend, we invite you to participate in a workshop being offered at the location convenient to you.

You may find the information of scheduled workshops on the archdiocesan website at

For more information, please contact your parish volunteer coordinator.

Lucy Kaakyo
Office of Lay Apostolate
Archdiocese of Edmonton