March 23, 2015

In the March 9 WCR, Deborah Gyapong's story is accurate ("Bill to fast track euthanasia law quashed"), but why would you put in Justin Trudeau's picture?

As far as many of us are concerned, we wonder why you are giving him so much exposure when's he's totally against the teaching of the Catholic Church. Even quoting him, instead of quoting our own physicians and others who have talked about the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Take Dr. Robert Hauptmann from St. Albert who gave us his position and Archbishop Michael Miller from Vancouver who both had a Catholic perspective.

We have a wonderful MP from Spruce Grove, Rona Ambrose, who is totally for life and not death. What about Alex Schadenberg from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and Wesley Smith who both can help us open our mind and spirit about the life issues.

Many of us feel that the WCR should have more of the lay people's Catholic and Christians' positions and fewer secular political views. Justin Trudeau is no model for Catholics unless we fight the good fight with him. Is he listening? We all know his secular and unfaithful position; why give him so much importance?

Albina & Wilfred McDougall


Editor's Note: Justin Trudeau's views and picture were featured in the news report because his party presented a motion to fast track consideration of assisted suicide in the House of Commons. If other party leaders take a stand on this issue, we will endeavour to present their views (and photos) as well.

The Feb. 23 issue of the WCR presented more than six pages of Catholic commentary on the Supreme Court decision, including the teaching of Archbishop Richard Smith and opinion articles written by four laypeople, including the editor.