January 26, 2015

Re: "Kasper honoured by WCR as Church 'mustard seed', WCR, Dec 29."

Cardinal Walter Kasper's theology has caused severe response, and justifiably so, because it challenges the fundamental essence of Christianity staunchly defended by the saints and doctors of the Church, by Paul, Augustine, Aquinas all the way to John Paul II.

If the sacredness of marriage goes, so will everything else, and no other precept of Christianity will remain sacred. Kasper not only urges us to "tolerate what is impossible," but he adds an insult by calling his critics "fundamentalists."

The history and theology of Christian marriage is complex and it reaches to the deepest depths of who God is and who his children are. An essential trait of papal history (some popes sacrificed their lives) was staunch opposition to emperors and kings who discarded their wives ad lib.

Protestants like Luther all catered to the desires of their worldly masters.

I don't know what imaginary numbers Kasper is using in his calculus when he attempts to "integrate" the various antitheses. He himself doesn't know the solution to what he is vehemently promoting – "We will find a way."

In his desire for a compromise, his logic may have been tainted by faulty Protestant thinking. But no wonderland math or thinking outside the box can logically reconcile the true opposites without creating fatal contradictions.

Peter Hala