January 12, 2015

Re: "N.B. gov't plans to loosen abortion restrictions" (WCR, Dec. 15).

The new Liberal government is proposing easier access and possible government funding for women seeking abortions.

Our past Liberal prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, had this response to the ongoing debate on abortion: "While women have rights over their own bodies, abortion is the killing of somebody else's body."

Stories abound from women who chose to kill what they perceived would ease their pain, only to discover post-abortion trauma that lasted for months, years or, for some, a lifetime. Their stories need to be included in every abortion debate.

If the new Liberal government of New Brunswick's proposed changes are accepted, the new statistic for the province will be, as stated, an additional 1,000 killings a year, putting New Brunswick on par, per capita, with the rest of Canada.

Magdalen Stang