December 29, 2014

One reason I write to the WCR is because it is one of the few papers in this country which still publishes pro-life letters.

There is more freedom of speech and assembly in other countries, like Russia (letters to newspapers) and the United States (that is, bubble zones around Canadian abortion mills).

I could write to The Edmonton Journal or Edmonton Sun, but my pro-life letter would likely go unpublished.

We still have many abortions going on in Edmonton, in Alberta and all over Canada. Abortion on demand.

In most families today, I would not have even been born. I am the fifth of seven children of Irish immigrants who believed in life. Few families, even Catholic families, even have three children these days.

Do doctors and medical people in Canada take the Hippocratic Oath anymore? Now we have people pushing for euthanasia in Quebec so kids can get their inheritance sooner than they should. Shame on them.

Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair and their parties haven't really changed things for the better on the abortion front. They are not what you would call staunch pro-lifers.

I don't like the direction in which our so-called leaders are taking this city, this province and this country. We could do better, much better.

Gerard Liston