December 1, 2014

It is wonderful to see the crucifix from St. Joseph's Basilica on the front of the November Living with Christ. But every time I see the missalette, I wonder why the INRI was not put on this cross.

In John 19.21-22, "The chief priest of the Jews then said to Pilate, do not write the king of the Jews but this man said, 'I am the king of the Jews.' Pilate answered, 'What I have written, I have written.'"

When the cross was erected in 1987, my late husband asked the rector of the basilica when the INRI would be added and was told that he would think about it.

Twenty seven years later it is still missing. My question is why? Please consider adding it as soon as possible so we will have an authentic crucifix in our basilica.

Janet MacLellan

Editor's Note: Although many, if not most, crucifixes have the INRI, we are not aware of anything in Church law or tradition that would make a crucifix inauthentic without it.

Letter to the Editor – 12/15/14