November 3, 2014

This is a response to Celia Paz's letter in the Oct. 6 WCR.

We tend to agree that mainstream media and social media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict tends to be biased and constrained.

However, we are not sure what coverage Paz is referring to because the mainstream media we hear and read commonly portray Israel as an aggressor.

We guess that she is not aware that mainstream media reframes the conflict by failing to report that Hamas commits double war crimes by not only launching rockets and missiles at the civilian population in Israel – from 2007 to 2014, 11,000 rockets were fired on Israel's cities and towns – but they also persistently attack from their own populated areas, such as schoolyards, hospital roofs or mosques.

There is a wealth of video footage to attest to it.

Hamas terrorists also built more than 20 highly sophisticated tunnels to give them underground access from Gaza to Israel in order to attack the civilian population in Israel. These tunnels are also underneath heavily populated areas.

Paz is also surprised that the United Nations waited weeks before stating its disapproval of Israel's military action. We guess that she is not aware of the fact that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon himself admitted that UNRWA was being used to store 20 Hamas rockets and these were fired from near UN premises.

That might explain the UN's hesitation to chastise Israel. After all, the blood of the innocent is also on their hands.

Thus, we also agree with former Israeli President Simon Peres that "The UN has already run its course." It has ceased to be a body that can effectively broker peace among nations.

Lionel and Daniela Allingham