October 6, 2014

Dear Father Mike (Catfish) Mireau.

I am sitting in the library where I just read of your passing. I didn't know you, Father. However, my journey with you through the blogs and experiences you shared with the youth of the archdiocese made me want to be a better person.

I am glued to my chair living this bittersweet news. Whether your stories embraced Catfish, Superman, "Catholic Message" such as Three Big Lies About Sex and Marriage and whether there is Pepsi in heaven, they were never just words, never just an instruction.

It was always an Ah hah! moment, just as Jesus himself is an event, God's Word in person.

Dear Father Mireau. By announcing him, you led me to encounter him. You are a gifted teacher. I am missing you.

You are a priest who experienced all the problems and complexities, and I give thanks for the gift of your servanthood.

God is life. Thank you for choosing life. Some time ago you shared that God will either cure you or call you home. My heart is really sad.

God of lands far and near: We praise and thank you for the gift of Father Mireau.

Annette Marie Williams