September 8, 2014

St. Patrick's Church in Rio Grande, Alta., was vandalized on Aug. 11 or 12. The door was damaged by forced entry.

Christ's image over the altar was ripped off the cross and stolen. The missal from the altar was stolen, the banner of the church was left on the floor, one small cross was ripped off, the organ put on beat and, at the church's cemetery, a heavy tomb was overturned and two small prolife statues damaged.

This comes after the memorial to the unborn in Beaverlodge was vandalized for the fourth time, and there was a fire that heavily damaged St. Mary's Church. It was not determined how the fire started.

There is a great persecution campaign against Christians in the world. The persecution now turns into genocide in Iraq and some African countries.

I am old and was born in Europe. I know genocides start with intimidation, persecution follows and end with terrible bloodshed.

In Germany, Jews were singled out with the help of the intelligentsia and media. These two influenced the masses and prepared them by spreading the teaching of the superiority of their race. The overturning of Jewish tombs came later.

In Canada, the intimidation of Christians has been going on for some years. Our Christian culture is being attacked. The intimidation demands that store clerks and most employees don't wish us Merry Christmas, crèches are gone from public places and now Christmas trees are under attack.

I was born during the persecution and genocide of a Nazi state, I lived during the intimidation and persecution of a communist state and it looks as if I'll die in the same after many years of a false hope that in Canada such intimidation and persecution was impossible.

Astride Wenigerova-Nova