July 7, 2014

Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring editorial about Liberal leader Justin Trudeau ("Pro-lifers must not abandon politics," WCR, May 26).

We appreciate and recognize what Cardinal Thomas Collins and Archbishop Richard Smith said about Trudeau's position ("Catholics face barriers to political involvement – Smith," May 26).

What about our MPs who are Catholics and other Christians? Where are their responses to the bullying and dictatorship of Trudeau?

The Church has a position, and if our Canadian bishops are too wimpy to refuse Trudeau Communion then we are worried for the Canadian Catholics doing politics. Are they all going against their consciences to please a leader who does not respect his own faith and the teaching of the Church?

Don't you notice that Trudeau is happy that the media is talking about him? That's all he wants – to be popular and get all the young adults' votes. He's following the same path as Obama.

When will our Church leaders be more assertive and take action and not just talk?

Instead of giving Trudeau all the attention he wants, it would be more effective for our shepherds to feed their sheep with the truth from the pulpit on the teaching of the Church regarding life issues.

Our political Catholics are sure not convinced of their faith in Jesus' teaching and his Church. How sad!

Kathy and Guy McKintire