May 26, 2013

Your April 28 WCR carried an interesting commentary on the golden years quoting Sister Mary Rose Marrin ("A spirituality for golden years," Page 20). She stated, "As we get older, our potential for spiritual growth increases."

I have had three sisters who became nuns in three different orders. I used to often comment to them how they keep all their spiritual knowledge locked up in their institutions and, when they retire, it should not be in the comfort of their homes.

They should consider lodge life that all the lay people are programmed to reside in when unable to care for themselves. They could be the spiritual advisers to and for the Golden Agers as their time draws near to an end and into light eternal.

Many are fearful of their transition time.

As Sister Marrin said, "The Church is not there to support the Golden Agers."

In our parish, there are extra envelopes appearing for the Priests' Retirement Fund.

Some time ago, I had an interesting conversation with a priest looking forward to his retirement. I asked what his retirement plans were. His reply: "A nice place beside a golf course and a nearby convent that serves good food."

My mind reflects on Pope Francis when he dislodged most of the "red frocked" off their rockers and told them to go out into the streets and biways to do the work they were commissioned by Jesus to do.

To all you good priests, I invite you also to retire into the spiritually-starved seniors lodges and support the forgotten Golden Agers in their time of great apprehension.

Magdalen Stang