February 3, 2014

The theme for this year's Share Lent campaign is One Human Family, Food for All.

The Development and Peace campaign materials are excellent in bringing us the message of the one billion voices of humanity whose most basic human right – the right to food – is being denied.

As stated in a suggested announcement from the pulpit:

"Today I'm asking you to give generously in order to make a place at the table for the poor and ensure that everyone receives their daily bread. I am asking you to give, for the good of the whole human family of which we are all members and within which we are all responsible for each other."

This year there is no Share Lent collection. The archdiocese, in its wisdom, has substituted an envelope for an "Archdiocesan Appeal "during a time that was, until this year, set aside for the Share Lent collection.

It is important to note that Catholics in our parish have been particularly generous in their financial support for Development and Peace during Lent and during times of global emergencies and tragedies.

As a long-time member of Development and Peace, a democratically constituted organization, I have difficulty accepting this invasion by the archdiocese to co-opt the Share Lent collection and control the direction of these funds.

As Development and Peace members, what are we to ask and how are we to ask when appealing for D&P financial support during Lent?

I will direct my offering according to my conscience rather than the dictates of some archdiocesan administrative panel.

Wilf Borgstede
St. Albert