December 23, 2013

Many WCR readers may not know of an extraordinary opportunity to grow in the knowledge of the faith. Called Treasures of the Faith seminar series, this is a free weekly seminar given by one of the professors at Newman Theological College.

Dr. Stephane Saulnier, has conducted these seminars for some years. They meet from 12:10 p.m. to 1 p.m. There is no charge, no preparation needed, no homework, no grades; therefore no stress. And they are life-giving and even fun.

I have attended the Wednesday seminars on the Gospels for over a year. The class members take turns reading the text. Saulnier answers questions and gives background. What makes the seminar so wonderful is Saulnier's knowledge, enthusiasm and love of Scripture.

He loves the Lord and he loves teaching. He is young, lively and fun. Sometimes you feel like you are almost "there" at the scene of what is happening.

Saulnier's learning is exceeded only by his charity. You can ask a stupid question and he answers with courtesy and respect. I speak from experience. No one ever feels stupid in his seminars.

Beginning in mid-January, this seminar series is expanding to run Monday through Fridays.

Monday's theme is the Church Fathers. St. Augustine's On Christian Doctrine will be read. On Wednesdays, we will read the Letters of St. Paul. Thursday is dedicated to Church documents – Pope Paul VI's Evangelization in the Modern World and Pope Francis' The Joy of the Gospel will be read.

On Fridays the topic is Catholic Mystics. The group will be reading St. Thérèse of Lisieux's The Story of a Soul. On Tuesdays, two other professors will be reading Stories and Journeys from Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Communities.

Susheila Horwitz