November 11, 2013

I write in support of the WCR and of the recently announced major changes planned for January.

Here in Canada we are most blessed to have, in addition to secular newspapers, strong faith-based press that is free and able to report and comment on issues from a Catholic viewpoint.

The WCR allows us to speak out about faith, ethical and social justice issues facing Albertans, Canadians and the world. The WCR plays a key role in expanding the dialogue in Canadian society in a thoughtful and stimulating way.

High standards are achieved by the trained, competent and committed staff and columnists. The writers and editorial staff have consistently provided a broad depth of articles, many of them recognized as award winners.

The newspaper has won industry awards and recognition in the general excellence category for regional Christian newspapers on several occasions.

The WCR’s articles on issues of interest are available and accessible from the website. The WCR also plays a key role in leading, demonstrating and supporting freedom of the press throughout the world.

It was my privilege to once serve as a volunteer on the board (2007-10) of the Western Catholic Reporter.

Yes, I have willingly signed up to pay directly for a subscription, and I see great value in personally supporting our newspaper financially.

Greg Bounds