October 14, 2013

Re: "Edmonton school board race draws 18 candidates" (WCR, Sept. 30).

The above-noted article states "the board is looking at closing four small schools in Ward 75 . . . struggling with enrolments in the last few years."

Not all of the four schools in the amalgamation proposal have declining enrolment. One of the schools, St. Gabriel Elementary School, has been increasing its enrolment (September 2012: 168 children enrolled; September 2013: 191 children).

Further, representatives from the south-east communities are contesting the necessity of closing four of the area schools and are asking that two or three of the schools be considered for amalgamation and closure - not all four.

Later in the article, Cindy Olsen is quoted "but I did not vote for closure. We have not gone into a closure process."

This statement is quite misleading. Voting for the capital plan, including the amalgamation proposal of four schools, is ultimately voting to close the four schools.

If the amalgamation goes through as proposed, four schools will be closed. Let's not pretend that this isn't about closure. It is.

Trustee candidate Michelle Davis (Ward 73) is a supporter of community schools as is John Acheson (Ward 75), Patricia Grell (Ward 71), Larry Kowalczyk (Ward 72) and Brad Lohner (Ward 74).

Lana Brenneis