May 27, 2013

Since the legalization of abortion, more than 400,000 innocent children have been killed in Alberta. It is estimated that, after taking into account women having more than one abortion, there are 250,000 post-abortive women in Alberta suffering from the depression that sets in after three-to-five years.

From the perspective of the young woman with a crisis pregnancy, what does the pro-life movement offer? Advice that it is wrong to kill a baby? Promises to pray for the young woman?

If we are serious about ending abortion, we will have to put our money where our mouth is. The Alberta Knights of Columbus, with the support of Archbishop Richard Smith, are doing just that.

At our annual state council meeting in Calgary April 20, Holy Trinity Knights of Columbus Council put forward – and roughly 300 delegates unanimously passed – a resolution encouraging our 17,000 plus brother knights within Alberta, their councils and families to prayerfully pledge to make annual charitable donations to a Sisters of Life account with the Alberta Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation to be invested long term.

The income from the account will be used to provide base-level support to establish and operate Sisters of Life communities throughout Alberta that have the support of the local bishop, starting with the Edmonton Archdiocese.

The Sisters of Life offer tangible support for young women coping with a crisis pregnancy. More importantly, they offer healing sessions for the women suffering from post-abortive depression with a simple message “God forgives you and loves you.”

To learn more about the Sisters of Life, go to YouTube on the Internet and type in Sisters of Life. Salt and Light television has produced a five-minute video that provides a good introduction to the order.

Grant Mann
Grand Knight
Holy Trinity Knights of Columbus Council 12353