April 29, 2013

I was as swept up in knowing about Pope Francis as anyone else. However, I have come almost to the point of nausea at all the repetitious coverage of every miniscule detail of his life and himself.

Admiration has gone from admiration and respect to a giddy windstorm, almost turning him into an already-canonized super-media idol. The coverage is on the brink of veneration.

Everyone seems to feel competent to analyze and comment about everything regarding him from his cooking his own meals to his great intellect to his work with the poor to where he is on the “political” spectrum to what kind of pope he will be.

Most of this I consider to be idle speculation and adulation, being carried away with the moment and moving away from true love and respect for the pontiff.

Some of the worst offenders are, in my view, within the Catholic television media by priests, television personalities and print media. It is what I consider to be a glut of passing attention that will hopefully, slowly disintegrate.

I would much rather that Pope Francis be allowed to simply live his life, to guide the ship of the Church and his deeds be reported.

Joe Cristini