April 15, 2013

I recently read the article by Chris Miller reviewing Father Denis Phaneuf’s recent statements about New Age practices (“Prairie priest warns against yoga, herbal medicines” WCR, March 25).

I feel compelled to write a letter in the hopes that someone has enough moxie to question much of what was said in the article.

While I understand and support the Church’s position on “dabbling with the occult,” where does Father Denis get the absurd idea that engaging in practices such as yoga, kinesiology, therapeutic touch and herbal medicines runs counter to Christianity?

I know scores of people who regularly practise yoga and have never heard of them being subjected to Hindu propaganda.

I have always believed that God helps those who help themselves. You can certainly pray for good health, but I am sure that using some of these “counter-Christianity” methods will have noticeable and more immediate results.

Articles like this are ridiculously fundamentalist in nature and do nothing to keep people in the Catholic religion or to attract new members.

Jeff Scales

Letter to the Editor - 04/29/13

Letter to the Editor - 04/29/13