January 28, 2013

Re: “Article was loaded with political spin” (WCR Jan. 14).

I propose that John Zyp’s displeasure with the Church’s position on such issues as allowing women into the priesthood arises from his lingering confusion that came into fashion in the years following Vatican II.

Many in the Church still hold the misguided belief that the council’s agenda was primarily social and political. This distorted interpretation of the council’s mandate animated those who saw in Pope John XXIII’s “open window” an opportunity for the world to evangelize the Church.

A fair reading of the council’s final 16 documents unambiguously reveals the opposite.

That is, our faith rests on the truths of the Church as revealed by Jesus Christ, truths proclaimed by the Apostles, vigorously, purely and deeply lived by the saints, and staunchly defended and preserved since the beginning.

It is not up to us as individuals to dictate that the Church be what she cannot be.

It is on unchanging truths about man and God that we are to ground concepts such as freedom and equality – not on a formula fashioned by the post Vatican II social/political creed of relativism – a trend which ends up being enslaved by individual and collective egotism.

History is replete with examples of social and political disasters that follow when man becomes beguiled by “authorities” who have separated themselves from the Authority.

To quote Chesterton, “The Catholic Church is the only thing which saves a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his age.”

A grand banquet is promised us. The table has been set. We are all invited to attend. It is not our place to suggest changes in the menu that better suit our personal likes and dislikes.

Eugene Malo