January 14, 2013

I was very surprised and deeply disappointed with your editorial “Human rights come before gun ownership” (WCR, Dec. 24). The “facts” that were presented were not correct in the least.

If one sifts through the numbers for gun-related deaths in the United States, one thing becomes clear: The two major metropolitan areas where gun control is in full swing are the ones with the highest gun-related deaths.

Also, note where the latest mass murders have taken place: gun-free zones.

Then, dig into the registered stats where a citizen carrying a weapon has thwarted a would-be gun wielding individual and I would hope that maybe, just maybe, the article in question would have been a lot more balanced.

Also, proportionately from Canada to the U.S., DUI-related deaths are at the same number. Guess what? The number of DUI-related deaths are similar to the number of gun-related deaths in the U.S. Please note: DUI deaths are totally preventable.

One more thing: Perhaps looking at some of the other societies in the EU where there are countries that have mandatory military service with everyone post military service being armed.

How is it that those societies are not registering massive gun fights and deaths on a daily basis? Neither is the U.S. for that matter, but that’s not how liberal-minded folks such as yourself seem to want to spin things.

In a sinful and broken world we do have the right to protect ourselves and our families using a reasonable amount of return force. Since when is one obligated to lie down and “take it like a man” when one and one’s family are being threatened by someone intent on doing harm?

By the way, automatic weapons have been restricted in the U.S. since the National Firearms Act of 1934.

Philip Elder
St. Albert