January 14, 2013

Re: “Catholic education battles secular push” (WCR, Dec. 17).

When I opened my copy of WCR and saw Dr. John Acheson’s picture, I knew there was trouble brewing. Sure enough, the highlighted quote: “The Church needs Catholic schools more today than when we were an immigrant Church,” spells trouble with an unfortunate yearning for the “good old” pre-Vatican II days.

Of course any observant churchgoing Catholic knows that we are still an “immigrant church.” The difference from pre-Vatican II times is that current immigrants, priests and parishioners tend to be from the Third World.

Being a first generation immigrant myself, I am sure that they will evolve and see the light.

“The Church” (and let us be clear about that: Acheson refers to the “institutional” church) would soon collapse without the immigrants. The Church could not exist without women either.

What scares me more than anything else in Dr. Acheson’s article is his second hand quote of ultra-right-wing evangelical protestant Anne Graham, who seems to think that we have evil in society because God is getting even with society because “someone” made unorthodox statements about morality.

That is not the God we believe in.

Ultimately, this political spin boils down to the conflict between inclusivity and exclusivity. I thank God that we have strong, intelligent, wise leaders that we can trust to be inclusive. Catholic means “all inclusive.”

John Zyp

Letter to the Editor - 01/28/13