November 19, 2012

Re: "Woodworth's motion exposed Canada's most vile, unjust law" (WCR, Oct. 8).

This was a worthwhile exercise. We found out that at least on this vote, our prime minister, Stephen Harper, is not pro-life, Rona Ambrose is and some MPs did the unexpected. "Crazy Canucks!" one might say.

However, what is at stake in all this is not our country's sanity, but it does point to the insanity of our country. How to explain that the majority of churchgoing Catholics are pro-abortion? It used to be assumed that if a family was large with many children, it was a Catholic family.

Not anymore. In 2012, it's probably a Mormon family. And there is constant chatter about euthanasia in letters to the editor because some people say it's going on all the time in our hospitals. Give your head a shake, Canada.

It's hard to believe that a mere four Liberal members of Parliament voted with Woodworth on this one, despite a free vote. And who can explain how all MPs of the New Democrats without exception voted against the Woodworth motion?

We're heading for really interesting times in Canada. Let's remember there is temporal punishment for sins like abortion and promiscuity. We'll see in the coming months and years what punishments God has in store for all of us.

Gerard Liston