November 12, 2012

I don’t know if anyone is keeping score but I want it to be known that I agree completely with Father Raymond de Souza’s response to the remarks of Phil Fontaine regarding the canonization of St. Kateri.

His statement that “the canonization makes it possible to share our daughter with the universal Church” is suggestive of racist trend. Does that mean that if she had not been canonized, the Church couldn’t have her. Ridiculous!

I have been devoted to her for years and my daughter-in-law wrote a beautiful icon of her seven years ago.

I also found it disquieting the editor would use the word “churlish” when describing the analysis of Father de Souza. I’m sure there exists a better word for his disagreement.

I have stated before my dislike of the term “residential school survivor.”

Anyone who went to a rural school in Alberta in the 1930s and 1940s could call themselves a survivor. I have vivid memories of students being hauled out of the classroom by the hair and ducking books thrown at miscreants by an enraged teacher.

I have one legitimate question for Phil Fontaine. Where do you think you would be if there had been no residential schools?

David Laurence